Monday, December 17, 2001

We are now well above the $1000 mark. At $1563 we are actually on our way to $2000. I wonder if we can break $2000 before Christmas?!

67 days from now Rhonda, Texas ( our dog) and I will leave Shelby and head out west!!! The excitement is building!!

Training is going well. I was able to go up to Winston-Salem and ride with some friends from Cycle North Carolina. We did a 60 mile ride which included a trip up the steep Pilot Mtn. The good thing about going up is that you get to come back down. My top speed that day was around 42 mph.

Thanks for your support, have a great day.

Stephen J.

Thursday, December 6, 2001

Yesterday, Rhonda and I donned some dress clothes and headed out into the business world of Shelby in search of corporate sponsors. It is a cold cruel dog-eat-dog world we live in. Overall we had a fair response. Most businesses said to come back in January due to the fact that all funds has been allocated for the year. Hampton Inn of Shelby did promise a couple of nights free. This was very encouraging. It will be nice to look forward to a warm dry bed on some nights.

One thing I am attempting to do is to contact the hotels that are on the route. Most of the major chains have hotels somewhere along the way. Our hope is that we can acquire more complimentary rooms, as this will make the trip easier.

Consider this: You have been on your bicycle for two weeks now. It has been raining off and on all day and the high temp is only 45. You shiver now and then but don't worry this is only your bodies way of generating heat. And suddenly you remember that when you get to town in 10 miles you have a hotel room waiting for. And then you remember the kind soul who donated that room. So, you get to the hotel and before you even take a shower, you send an e-mail newsletter telling how thankful you are for a warm room tonight as opposed to a cold tent to sleep in.

Thanks for your support. stay tuned for more exciting stories!!!

Stephen J.

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