Friday, October 26, 2001

The winter winds are blasting. The forecast calls for snow in the mountains. The long sleeves and heavy coats come out of the closet. Old man winter has stopped by for another visit.

Some cyclists hang up their cycling shoes for the season during this time of year. Others simply put on more layers and keep riding.

I have backed off for a little while. I always get burned out this time of year. It is good to take a break from the daily routine. It helps a person regain perspective.

120 days from now, we will begin driving west to SanDiego. Plans are beginning to come together. Special thanks to Adventure Cycling Association for donating the route maps. An individual has also promised to donate a laptop computer. This make it easier to update you with our progress during the ride.

Thanks also to Cliff Bar and Mountain House Foods for discounts.

We still need several things to make this trip a success:
-digital camera
-gas card
-hotel pass: we plan on camping out, sleeping in our tent most of the time, to save money, but the occasional hot shower and soft bed will be welcome when it is pouring down rain.

Thanks again for your support and prayers. We are still at the $200.00 mark. Let's see what kind of impact we can have in our community!!!

Have a great day,

Stephen J.

PS I would love to hear from you, don't hesitate to e-mail me!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2001

My wife and I just got back today from our trip across North Carolina. Rhonda volunteered at the rest stops while I rode. With around 1000 cyclists registered the volunteers ended up making over 1000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches each day for the week. Kudo's to the volunteers.

We rode across the northern part of the state from Mt. Airy to Elizabeth City. The temperature of the first morning was 36 degrees and warmed up after that. We slept in the tent each night.

We averaged 60 miles a day with the shortest day being 48 miles and the longest was 82. One day the route took us to the top of Sauratown and Hanging Rock Mtns. some steep climbing and some fast descents with speeds reaching 45 mph. Overall we rode approxamately 450 miles in seven days.

Good news: The web-site is in full working order. Please continue to spread the word to family and friends in your area. I am still looking for corporate sponsors so if you know someone who may be interested let them know about me.

Thanks again for your interest in this project. Please contact me with any questions or comments. Have a great day,

Stephen J.

Thursday, October 4, 2001

Fall is in the air. The cool mornings bring a new challenge to training rides: What to wear!! It is cool when I start out but will it warm up or stay cool? Evening rides with the group are also getting shorter as the sun sets earlier. There have been some very nice sunsets though.

This Friday Rhonda and I will be driving up to Mt. Airy, NC for the annual ride across North Carolina. You can check out details by looking up the Cycle North Carolina web-site :

A t-shirt design is in the works. The proceeds from sales will go to the fundraising process.

I had my first TV interview with the Gardner Web U. television and radio station. This was on the air last Sunday night and will air again, so if you live in the Shelby area, check your local listings!!

We broke the $200 mark this week. Only $ 49,800 to go. Please help me make this goal!!!

Thanks for your support, Have a great day,

Stephen Janes

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