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Dedicated in loving memory to the children who lost their lives in the Oklahoma City Bombing on April 19, 1995.

Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995 - Shortly after parents had dropped their children off at the daycare center at the Murrah Federal Building, a massive bomb inside a rental truck exploded. Half of the nine-story building was blown to pieces. For nearly two weeks rescue workers pulled the bodies of men, women, and children from the rubble. 168 people died that day, 19 of whom were children, in what is considered the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

Imagine for a moment that you are a parent who just lost a child as a result of pure hatred. Now imagine the pain and confusion. Such is the feeling that 19 children's parents experienced on April 19, 1995, and are no doubt still experiencing now. In writing this Requiem I have attempted to capture that pain and confusion. I have crafted this composition as the parents might craft a prayer to God. I have set this text with the thought in mind that this is a prayer of the parents to God. Listeners may wonder why I chose a minor tonality for most of the Requiem, especially in the Sanctus movement when the choir is singing, "Holy, Holy, Holy...Heaven and earth are full of thy glory." My purpose is to portray faith in God and the fact that He is in control, yet also to allow for the pain and confusion the parents of the Oklahoma City tragedy's youngest victims experience to this day.

I have asked each of the six bands who appear on this project to contribute a piece of music as a memorial to the children. I thank the bands for their work on this compilation and for taking the time to offer their version of a remembrance to the children.

--Brian C. Janes

May God grant these children rest eternal:

Baylee Almon, 1
Danielle Bell, 1
Peachlyn Bradley, 3
Gabreon Bruce, 4 months
Zackary Chavez, 3
Anthony C. Cooper II, 2
Antonio Ansara Cooper, Jr., 6 months
Elijah Coverdale, 2
Aaron Coverdale, 5
Jaci Coyne, 1
Tylor Eaves, 8 months
Ashley Eckles, 4
Tevin Garrett, 1
Kevin Lee Gottshall, 6 months
Chase Smith, 3
Colton Smith, 2
Kayla M. Titsworth, 3
Blake Ryan Kennedy
Dominique London

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