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January 26, 1999

January 26, 1999 -- We are proud to announce the launch of the Requiem web site in support of the recent release of our first CD - Requiem : For the Children of the Oklahoma City Bombing. The web site, located at contains background information on the project, reviews of the CD and more.

If you have heard the Requiem CD and you would like to submit a review to be posted on the Requiem web site, please feel free to mail your review to Kraynight Productions

The second movement of the Requiem (Requiem) will be appearing on Vol. 3 of the We The Living compilation series being released by True Tunes Online. The compilation trilogy is a melting pot of independent/underground music. The profits that the bands and contributors would normally receive are being donated to David Bunker's medical fund. David Bunker has been a great promoter of the independent scene for many years and has worked with a number of bands to polish their performance, helping the bands to improve the quality and presentation of their music. Mr. Bunker came down with Thyroid Cancer when he was between insurance policies. His treatments, which have appeared to remove the cancer completely from his system, cost him over $80,000. We are glad to be able to support Mr. Bunker in this way.

December 8, 1998

Kraynight Productions

Kraynight Productions announces release of "Requiem: For the Children of the Oklahoma City Bombing"

OKC Memorial CD proceeds to be donated to Families & Survivors United

Wheaton, IL - December 8, 1998 - Kraynight Productions, Inc., an underground/independent music production company and record label announces the release of their first CD: "Requiem - For the Children of the Oklahoma City Bombing."

The CD, at just under 74 minutes in length, features a recording of the March 26, 1997 performance of a Requiem composed by Brian C. Janes in memory of the children who lost their lives in the Oklahoma City Bombing on April 19, 1995.

Also featured on the CD are industrial / electronic / darkwave bands Kevin Dumps Core, The Way Sect Bloom, WeltWasher, Aphorism, Cult of Jester and EnGrave. Each band has contributed a piece specifically created for the OKC memorial CD project.

"These artists have presented some of their best works ever and you are unlikely to find them anywhere else," says Richard Maraanen of Ballistic Test 'Zine. "This is quite remarkable given the inherent difficulties in producing high-quality compilations."

"Requiem - For the Children of the Oklahoma City Bombing" is on sale through Kraynight Productions, Inc. for the price of $10 plus $2 shipping. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the CD will be donated to Families & Survivors United, a non-profit organization in Oklahoma City directly involved with the recovery and support of the families of victims and survivors of the bombing.

For more information on the Requiem CD memorial project, please visit our web site at:

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