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Photography and Artwork by C. Michael Pilato.
Produced and Mastered by Kraynight Productions
Executive Producer: Carson Ellis Pierce

All songs used by permission.

This CD has been released through a joint venture by:

Kraynight Productions
Flaming Fish Music

Copyright 1998 Kraynight Productions
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Requiem - Brian C. Janes  

Composed by Brian C. Janes
English text by Brian C. Janes
Latin text taken from the traditional Requiem text setting

Thanks: Alison L. Bornstein, Bruce Knowlton, Gary Rand, Howard Whitaker, Tony Payne, C. Michael Pilato

Live recording by Richard Werner
Engineering in live performance by Matthew Gruett for Matthean Productions

Please direct any correspondence to Kraynight Productions.

Copyright 1997, 1998 Brian C. Janes (ASCAP) and published by Kraynight Productions. (ASCAP)

Requiem Participants Jeremy McElroy, conductor
Maria Maisano, conductor
Kathryn Amerlan, soprano
Benjamin Niemczyk, keyboard
Christopher Geiger, keyboard
Bryan Kane, percussion
Kathleen Kastner, percussion

Requiem Choir
Laurissa Backlin
Alison Bornstein
Bethany Brinkmann
Laura E. Dause
Wendy Neikirk
Christie Sanchez
Carrie Sonstroem
Cynthia L. Beck
Mairee Carr
Amber Fort
Jennifer Murtoff
Chrissy Rohrs
Rebecca E. Searfoss
Sarah K. Schaefer
Sarah K. Taylor
Thomas Blood
Michael Conger
James Gardner
Timothy Johnson
Sterling K. Koch
Bryan Park
John D. Perryman
Bryan Gerrish
Eric Harter
Joel Koenigsberg
Evan Lenz
Jonathan Litfin
Brian Porick
Todd Wiezcorek
Ben Winters


Cement Skeleton - Kevin Dumps Core  

My ppl: Brian C. Janes for hooking me up, Bob Sherwood of the Basement Shamen for the Prophet samples.
My warez: Hammerhead, Cool Edit, Voice FX, EPSdisk, Ginseng Tea, Powerbars

Kevin Conder
Kevin Dumps Core


FZCO : Requiem - The Way Sect Bloom  

Produced by FZCO
Recorded at Bloomsday Studios
Mixed at Bloomsday Studios by FZCO
Words and Music by FZCO

WeltWasher - WeltWasher  

Bass, sequences, guitars, samples, and drums performed and programmed by Pete Andrews

Recorded and mixed by Pete @ Jerk Productions


Infertile Landscape / Children of God - Aphorism  

"From now until Kingdom come the only thing you can count on in your existence is never understanding why..."

Recorded at EMC Studios
Mixed and Produced by Josh Pyle

Keyboards, sampling, and programming by Josh Pyle and Matthew Edwards

Music by Josh Pyle and Matthew Edwards

Copyright 1998 AP Music

Aphorism (Audio Paradox)


Where No Shadows Fall - Cult of Jester  

Written and performed by Edward Finkler

Love and thanks: God, Michelle, Brian C. Janes, Adam B,, all others

Acknowledgement to the works of J. Michael Straczynski

Copyright 1998 Cult of Jester

Cult of Jester


Remembrance Blue (these quiet moments by your bed) - EnGrave  

Recorded at NM Virtual Studios
Composition, arrangement and production by N Morris

Digital editing and sequencing tools by Opcode Systems, Inc.
EnGrave uses Roland Sound Expansion MVS1 Vintage Synths

Thanks to Hatch, Norma Dos Santos, Zurawski, Velvet Empire friends
EnGrave appears courtesy of Velvet Empire Records


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