Hair History

My hair has gone through many changes over the years. This presentation was originally set up to address questions such as, “How long have you had long hair?” Or, “Have you always had long hair?” (Um, yeah, I was 5 and had a pony tail that reached to my butt.)

The presentation doesn’t go much further in the past than my college years. There just wasn’t much exciting about my hair back then, not to mention that I problably wouldn’t be able to find a decent photo of myself earlier than that – I actually don’t really care too much about having my picture taken.

The truth is, I was never allowed to have long hair as a child. I was also never allowed to smoke pot as a child, but I never felt the need to start doing so. I digress. I had a number of motives for growing my hair long, but only one sticks out:

I wanted to.

It’s as easy as that. So what was my motivation when I shaved it all off?

I wanted to.

If you’d like to think that there were other reasons, you go right ahead, but you’re wasting your time.

What’s next? I don’t really know. Perhaps I’ll grow it back out. Perhaps I’ll keep it short. More importantly, I don’t really care at this point.

Without further ado, here is the history of my hair, starting with my college years. This historical study began primarily with pictures taken by the institution that granted me a bachelor’s degree. Since then I have added some of my own to show the continued progression.

And now, experience the History of my Hair: