It’s All That Glitters: Portraits of Burlesque Performers in Their Homes

What is burlesque?

It’s All That Glitters – Portraits of Burlesque Performers in Their Homes

Who better to ask than burlesque performers themselves? With this question in mind, I traveled over 14,000 miles across the United States visiting today’s burlesque performers, photographing them in their homes, and asking them: “What does burlesque mean to you?”

Of course, there is the dictionary’s definition of burlesque, but their answers and 104 accompanying portraits may surprise you. For these performers, burlesque is so many things, including fun and empowerment on stage, an escape from life’s doldrums, a fantasy, a career. This book also presents a study in contrasts between the public persona of each performer and that performer’s private life. Click here to learn more about each of the performers featured in the book.

It’s All That Glitters is available as a hard cover book from Schiffer Publishing.

April 2012 Schiffer Books Photography